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What is Easy Listening?

At EZMax we like to play a variety of music that all falls under the umbrella of Space Age Pop Music.  Popularised during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, this middle-of-the-road music encompasses instrumental recordings of standards, hit songs and popular non-rock vocals.

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Bill Brent (Station Manager)

Daily Schedule

(All times EST)

05:30 Sunrise Serenade

07:00 The Breakfast Nook

08:00 The Morning Drive

09:00 Your Morning Soundtrack

12:00 Cool Jazz at Noon

13:30 Around the Water Cooler

16:30 Evening Rush

18:30 Dining and Relaxing

20:00 Personality Spotlight

21:00 Dancing in the Dark

22:00 The Great White Way

23:00 Long Ago and Far Away (Mon-Thurs)

00:00 The Overnight Hours (Mon-Thurs)

23:00 Friday Night Swing Party (Friday only)

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